My Voguish car, My contemporary home, My apple laptop, My Zara clothing, My career, all you can anticipate in cosmopolitan and urbane lifestyle. In this rat race one basic need, we are unable to quench thirst of, is food, which we brought up eating.

I was with my sister’s family on dinner, since I am chef, point of discussion was food off course. Kids were complaining of taste monotony and elder one said now even we know before hand the taste of the dish just by knowing the menu, then my sister has her own justification of same 8-10 seasonal vegetables availability in market, 4 to 5 kinds of pulses, mutton and chicken, all she has to choose from this basket atleast 2 meals a day, leaving breakfast.

As we all know, we cook food starting with whole spices as per region rest of the recipe is same followed by Ginger garlic paste ,onion and tomatoes ,so how the taste could diversify .This is a culinary limitation of household ,where you hardly get a wide range of dry store at any given point of time apart from basics and everyday you cannot go for gala dinner time consuming preparations. That discussion we had was actually a story of every home, family members do not like their own home recipes but if the same menu they get at others place its delectable.

Consecutive week, when I met my friends in a gathering ,where multi -regional food were laid out and all were cheery and feeding themselves like ravenous since when. My inside chef jounced me; being in food industry, I have never thought of a real requisite of everyone who are native of different parts of country, but here for their dreams and bread, missing the essence of their primary need.

In a month time, I have come across 2 major stumbling blocks of every household kitchen and natives of different region staying in metros. Missing elements are:

1) MY kind of tasty food
2) Taste Monotony

My February dine outs fabricated a real time assignment, which I believe are truly need based for the first time in my career . This conundrum is perspicuous and the only solution is introduction of spice blend which can be a game changer with a flick of your wrist.

Now here is the time, when idea of Vanbooti Healthy Spices took Birth.

Considering all, we formulated a pack of Garam Masala & Non Vegetarian Masala, each has 4 different regional masala’s catering major population of cosmopolitan ,providing them MY Kind of taste in food they cook and also breaking Taste monotony problem of every metro Home Kitchen, since now you have different flavors in each of your favourite blended spices.

Finally introduction of 4 different regional flavour in one pack against 1 type of garam masala, non veg masala etc. etc available in market is the ultimate solution .4 regional authentic blends of garam masala or Non veg masala in one pack is chosen keeping in mind palate acceptability of natives of different part of India dwelling in metros and also imparting them diversified taste.

Diversifying taste further, we have introduced 2 different subji masala and 2 different channa masala with pav bhaji masala,chaat masala,Shahi paneer masala and sambar masala .

To make your cooking life easier, we have developed a recipe bank having all kind of regional recipes ,just you have to click on QR Code with your smart phone and cook what you want. Going forward Vanbooti is doing pertinacious effort to bring much more variety to your every meal keeping in mind above mentioned real impediments .

All Vanbooti spices are Made from Healthy ground spices, Pure herbs & Blend of Love to give you your kind of Taste